Organization: An important part of the plan

When we work through a project with a prospect, we organize the garage by activity section–Gardening, Toys, Home Repair, Automotive–like that. It’s really an important part of the plan. Afterward, we spend hours, days, whatever required to organize and put everything away. We’re not just hanging panel!

  1. Stop–Look–Listen: We visit your garage to get a first hand look and work to understand what you want to achieve. Likes? Dislikes? Everyone’s situation is unique.
  2. Visit a “Showcase” Installation: We pick the one that is most similar to yours. Get an opportunity to see an application CatlinSketchsimilar to what you can expect.
  3. Sketches: We put together a preliminary sketch and discuss the options with you.
  4. Plan & Budget: We develop a detailed plan with budget that shows exactly what is required to solve your garage challenge. The budget breaks things out on a line-item basis.
  5. Installation: We install your new garage using only the highest quality components and employing the hands-on skills we’ve developed project by project. The installation phase of a typical project takes about one week.
  6. Organization & Hardware Selection: This is where the real fun begins. Unlike internet, you’re not stuck with anything that’s not the best.