“We are thrilled how you have transformed our garage.  We were so blessed to find Garage Busters”. THANK YOU!  Blessed to find you.

You have a refreshing way of doing business, great personality and made the process fun.  We needed specialized people for part of the work, but Garage Busters made recommendations that turned out really well. 

“We liked the Garage Busters knowledge and passion for what you do.”

“Garage Busters are true professionals, honor their word and make each customer feel special.

Charitable Referrals

Garage Busters wants to appeal to a new generation of consumers that heavily weigh business support of causes in their purchase decisions. To show our gratitude and support, with each customer referral, you get 5% of your Garage Installation Cost donated to the charity of your choice. This is our gift to you and we hope your satisfaction is contagious.